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Super stoked to be included in Common Ground Australia's featured photographer section of the North Coast site. Click here to read the full article and to also browse through the awesome website!


Why I started landscape photography

From a very young age, I have fond memories of my Dad organising his camera gear, making sure the batteries were all charged, he had enough rolls of film (yes that tiny little black roll that most youngsters of today will never know about), lenses clean and tripod in working order, in preparation for weekend wedding shoots. My Dad is a clever man; he thought to make some extra cash on top of his day-job income by becoming a hobby wedding photographer on the weekends. This extra cash meant that our family that consisted of four boys and one girl were able to enjoy an annual holiday at the beach, play in sporting teams and go on school camps as we grew up. So as you can see, the art of photography played a major role in my years of growing up.

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